Risk vs Uncertainty







Jayant Pai | jayant@ppfas.com

Quick question: When was the last time you woke up in the morning and felt completely certain about the way your day would pan out? Sure, you may have aimed at accomplishing a series of tasks and also meticulously planned your path. Despite this, you tacitly knew and acknowledged that there was always the possibility that things may not turn out as planned. This, however, did not paralyse you and make you sit at home.  Continue reading

Is the Indian cricket team ‘fairly valued’?

Exactly a year ago, India won the Cricket World Cup, amidst a lot of fanfare and hysteria. At that time, the Indian cricket team could do no wrong. They were on top of the ICC one day rankings and looking invincible. Today, the situation is vastly different, with the team fielding brickbats rather than collecting bouquets…

Being connected with the stockmarket for so long, I view various situations through the prism of stocks and markets. Hence I cannot help noticing a few parallels between a stock and the cricket team’s performance : Continue reading