1. Dear Sirs,

    Nice presentation about aristotle philosophy and share market. Looking forward for more such presentations. I am a beginner to investing and learning more from your blogs.
    I am looking to buy Mahindra holidays right from the IPO times, but considered the valuations high [I did look at the PE ratio then, thanks to the presentation, will start looking at the market cap] and didnt buy it.
    Would current time be a good point for entry, to start accumulating over a period of time?


  2. Excellent presentation which explains the business model of Time sharing companies and hotels very clearly. Information that Mahindra recognizes 60% of the membership fees in year 1 as revenue and 40% sits in the balance sheet as liability as advances was quite interesting and explains why PE or PB is not a correct metric to value this company.

    Looking forward for many more such interesting videos. Thanks

  3. After describing how MHRL takes money from clients, exploiting them, I don’t know why one would buy this company. I don’t like Mahindra Holidays due to the way they force the clients…

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