Day trading as a respectable full time vocation!

It is amazing how day trading becomes ‘respectable’ in every bull market. I am surprised to see online trading ads on mainstream television channels now. These ads were earlier restricted to business news channels like CNBC and NDTV Profit.

There is this ad where the wife gives the husband his mobile phone, lunch box and where his mother puts tilak on his forehead. Finally what the husband does is go to his ‘office’. This is a room in his house where there is a computer with online trading facility.

There have always been compulsive traders and gamblers. However the activity of being glued to the screen and continuously buying or selling something is being given a new found respectability. I wonder what these professional traders will do if the markets were to be not so kind!


  1. As Buffet rightly said “only when tide turns you come to know that who swimming naked” ……………!!!

    We might call them PROFESSIONAL , but at best their strategy to earn money from market without considering fundamentals of business itself is says that all those jumping to this bandwagon are going to prove themselves the NOVICE to this money making game.

  2. hello Mr Rajeev thakkar,
    after long time you are back on blog,thats nice,one thing is missed in this adv,the computer screen gave time 9:55 am for market opening but you know casino opens earlier now ,9:00 am,so more time forgambling for these people.Its my personal experirnce I had tried for one year and this is my conclusion to it i.e no one becomes super rich by indulging in day trading.
    keep wrighting mr rajeev
    with regards
    dr randeep singh

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