Punishment @ speed of thought !!!

Punishment @ speed of thoughtwould be the headline were Bill Gates to write on the affairs at Satyam. It seems that the ‘Promoters’ of Satyam would have lost 5% of their holding out of the 8% that they used to hold after the failed takeover bid for MAYTAS. This would have happened in a matter of days and maybe in as short a time span as 24 hours. Never before have promoters been punished so severely and so swiftly. The punishment came despite the fact that the MAYTAS deal was called off before the markets opened the next day.

I hope this serves as a deterrent to would be corporate defrauders.

(If only markets could devise a mechanism to punish perpetrators of terror as swiftly and effectively ……)


  1. Now we know the real deal? What a crooked people they are. I still believe real cash was moved somewhere else. Now he is telling a “inflated” story. Thats why auditors are dumbstruck could not come out with any explanation. What do you think ?

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